Phone Zap: Call Valley National Bank CEO Ira Robbins

Stand with MCM Management Solutions tenants by calling Valley National Bank CEO, Ira Robbins, and demand that they eliminate late fees, stop rent increases, perform quarterly pest exterminations, secure buildings and set up a meeting with MCM tenants.

For six months now, MCM tenants and members of Renters United Philly have been calling on MCM Management Solutions owners, Dorit Cohen and Guy Malul, to meet with tenants to address pressing concerns. Yet, the owners have so far refused to meet with their tenants. Today we are bringing it to their bank, @Valley National Bank , which holds close to $20 million of MCM’s mortgages.

It has been six months since our first protest and delegation of tenant leaders delivered our demands to MCM Management Solutions in March 2020. Since then, MCM tenants continue to deal with rodent and roach infestations, arbitrary and steep rent hikes, trespassing in their buildings, shoddy repairs and late fees during a pandemic. Now, even when many MCM tenants are experiencing financial hardships because of the COVID-19 pandemic, MCM continues to charge late fees, raise rents, and elects to not renew the leases of long-term responsible tenants.

This is why we are asking YOU to call Valley National Bank CEO, Ira Robbins, who is profiting off the exploitation and mistreatment of tenants during such challenging times.