Housing is the Cure: Demand an Extension of the Emergency Housing Protection Act

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the direct connection between housing and health. In order to stay healthy, to rest from a day’s work, and to feed our families, we need housing. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we must fight for renters’ rights to stay in their homes.

Many of us have lost work, seen reduced hours or have had to take time off to care for family during the past 8 months. With an estimated 30-40 million renters at risk of eviction nationwide, we cannot let landlords decide who gets to have a home.

This is why Renters United Philadelphia members decided to support three bills that will be voted on by the City Council Housing Committee on Wednesday, October 21st. The three bills will extend some of the protections in the Emergency Housing Protection Act: late fee waivers, mandatory repayment plans for back rent, and reinstating the eviction moratorium to keep Philadelphia renters in their homes. We are calling on our Councilmembers on the Housing Committee to vote YES on these important protections.

If you live in Frankford, Call Maria Quiñones Sánchez:

Dial this number: 215-686-3448 OR 215-686-3449

If you live in Germantown, Call Cindy Bass:

Dial this number: 215-686-3424 OR 215-686-3425

Call Script

Hi, my name is ____________________________.  I am a renter and I live in the _____________ neighborhood. I am also a member of Renters United Philadelphia. We organize and educate renters to fight for their rights. How are you doing today?

I’m calling to ask Councilmember Maria Quiñones-Sánchez OR Cindy Bass to vote YES on the three bills before the Housing Committee that will extend the important protections in the EHPA.  These bills will provide stability for Philadelphia renters like me. We are still in a pandemic and our economy has not recovered yet.

  1. We need an eviction moratorium to make sure everyone has stable housing during this crisis.
  2. We need continued late fee waivers to give renters time to recover. Late fees pile up and bury renters further and further in the hole.
  3. We need repayment plans to give renters time to get back on their feet and catch up on rent. And it’s not just renters – repayment plans benefit landlords too.

Without these bills, Philadelphia will see a wave of evictions that will cost the City millions in additional services and disrupt Philadelphia’s economic recovery. Every member of City Council voted in favor of the EHPA over the summer. Now, it is time to pass these three bills and keep these important renter protections in place.

Make the Ask

I want to confirm that the Councilmember will protect her constituents and support these bills?


Thanks for your time. We at Renters United Philadelphia look forward to continuing to work with you!

Fill out this form to report on the outcome of your call:

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