Emergency Call-in to the Housing Committee

Call right now:

Mark Squilla: (215) 686-3458 or (215) 686-3459

Maria Quiñones-Sánchez: (215) 686-3448 or (215) 686-3449

Cindy Bass: (215) 686-3424 or (215) 686-3425

Katherine Gilmore Richardson: (215) 686-0454 or(215) 686-0455


I’m calling today in support of the Emergency Housing Protection Act bills because I’m very concerned about how the COVID-19 crisis in my community will be worsened if we don’t extend the eviction moratorium. There was excellent testimony given today about how we need a universal moratorium, not just for those who can prove financial hardship, in order to limit the spread of this deadly virus that has already killed thousands of Philadelphians. I urge you to vote yes on all the bills in the EHPA without amending them to be limited in scope.