MASS CALL-IN to L&I (Licenses & Inspections)

MCM, Hold Up Your End of the Bargain

MCM Management Solution manages our buildings, which means that maintaining them is their responsibility. Renters are doing our part — paying rent every month — but MCM is not holding up their end of the bargain.

MCM is an absentee corporate landlord, collecting our checks each month while largely ignoring our requests for real repairs. When MCM does respond, they opt for quick fixes instead of addressing the root problems. MCM renters have been injured by broken stairs and collapsing ceilings, developed health problems due to mice and rodent infestations, suffered property damage and loss because of bed bugs, and lived in insecure buildings with broken front doors that management refuses to fix. Elderly renters, parents with strollers and young children, and those with mobility issues struggle to climb the stairs daily in multi-story buildings with elevators that do not work.

MCM’s silence shows where their priorities are: they are here to raise our rent and get rich, while the condition of our homes gets worse and issues go unaddressed.

MCM needs to take repair requests seriously and uphold their obligation to provide safe and habitable housing. This is why we are calling L&I! Join us on Tuesday April 13th from 12-3pm to make a call and report repair issues you are facing in your home and building.

How to Make a Complaint

There are three ways to make a complaint with the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I). We recommend the first option of calling 311 as the simplest way to make a detailed complaint.

  1. Dial 311 and ask to make a complaint to L&I.
  2. Make a complaint online.
  3. Download the Philly311 App for Apple or for Android and lodge a complaint there.
  • You have a protected legal right to make complaints.
  • Make a call to 311 so that the operator can help you make a strong complaint.
  • Give the operator or L&I your phone number and name so L&I can call you back to make an appointment for an inspection if necessary. If you leave an anonymous complaint, L&I will not be able to reach you to set up an inspection. Make sure you pick up your phone when they call.
  • Make a complaint about an issue that L&I can help you with such as fire code violations, pest infestations, and structural building issues. When in doubt, report it.
  • L&I will not take reports related to rent increases, evictions, cosmetic issues, or management being rude.
  • Document all of your interactions with L&I and MCM Management Solutions.
What to Expect:
  • L&I has 20 business days to schedule your appointment during business hours on a weekday.
  • If L&I cannot reach you via phone after two attempts, they will drop your case.
  • After the inspection, if the Landlord is cited for a violation, they will have 35 days to correct the violation.
  • If they don’t correct the violation then the case will go to court.
  • Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, L&I is only doing in-person inspections for major issues.