Phone Zap: Stand with Sherice to Demand Repairs, Dignity and Respect

Sherice and her son.

On Saturday, January 28th between 11am and 1pm stand with our member Sherice and her 8-year-old son, who have gone two weeks without hot water, by calling her landlord Vinh Dinh and her district Council Member Cindy Bass.

Sherice’s landlord, Vinh Dinh has refused to fix the hot water and demands rent that he cannot legally collect because he has no rental license and he owes the city over $13,000 in water bills. Sherice and her son have lived in their apartment since May without smoke detectors, and with only one burner working on her gas stove. When the lighting mechanism on the stove failed, her landlord brought her barbecue lighters instead. Stand with Sherice today and call Vinh Dinh to demand repairs, dignity and respect. See the graphics below for the call number and script.

Sherice is far from alone. Thousands of Philadelphia renters face unresponsive landlords who refuse to make necessary repairs and fail to abide by City laws requiring landlords to obtain rental licenses and provide safe and healthy housing. That’s why Renters United Philadelphia (RUP) is calling on the Philadelphia Department of Licenses & Inspections to stop letting landlords off the hook and proactively inspect properties to enforce Philadelphia’s housing code. RUP also calls on the City of Philadelphia to fund repair programs and emergency housing programs to protect tenant safety and prevent displacement caused by landlord negligence. For this reason we will also be calling her Council member Cindy Bass. See the graphics below for the call number and script.

Phone Zap Script: Call between 11am and 1pm

Phone Zap Script for District Council Member Cindy Bass: Call between 11am and 1pm