Philly Renters demand accountability NOW from Odin & Corporate landlords!

We just launched a petition to call on city leaders to stand up for renters by standing up to corporate landlords and holding Odin Properties accountable! Read our full list of demands and sign our petition now to stand for renter justice.

We, Odin tenants, members of Renters United Philadelphia and OnePA, Philadelphia renters and allies, demand that Odin make immediate repairs to protect the lives, dignity and wellbeing of their tenants. 

Odin is one of the largest property owners in Philadelphia and has neglected to guarantee all their tenants the right to safe, habitable, accessible housing. Their harmful practices are contributing to the local housing crisis by subjecting tenants to unsafe living conditions and fueling displacement.

We are calling on the City of Philadelphia and L&I to hold Odin and all corporate landlords accountable by demanding the following:

We demand that CEO Phillip Balderston and Odin Properties:

1. MAKE URGENT REPAIRS  Fix immediate issues at all major Odin buildings in Philadelphia within 2 weeks to address severe health and safety violations which include: major plumbing issues, leaks, mold, heating issues, lack of hot water, infestations of cockroaches, bedbugs and mice, safety & security issues, broken elevators, and accessibility issues for seniors and people with disabilities.

2. DO NOT DISPLACE TENANTS. If any tenants must be relocated to complete repairs, provide temporary alternative quality housing in the same neighborhood with a guaranteed right to return in writing and just compensation.

3. FREEZE RENT AND NO EVICTIONS  at all properties until repairs are made.

4. RENT REBATES for all tenants forced to live with significant habitability violations.

5. NO RETALIATION OR HOSTILE TREATMENT BY MANAGEMENT. Tenants have complained that Odin has routinely used unjustified tactics to harass, intimidate, and evict tenants and to prevent them from their legal right to organize.

6. MEET WITH RENTERS FACE TO FACE with a representative group of tenant leaders would like to meet with Odin CEO and Founder, Philip Balderston, and Odin senior leadership to move forward with a resolution to these issues. We are requesting a meeting within 2 weeks, and a commitment to regularly meet with a tenant advisory board. 

We demand that the City of Philadelphia and the Department of Licenses & Inspections:

1. IMPLEMENT PROACTIVE INSPECTIONS at all rental properties to prevent these kinds of habitability crises and support the development of a “habitability plan” to increase healthy and safe housing for ALL Philly renters

2. INSPECT ALL UNITS OWNED BY ODIN PROPERTIES immediately to document issues and enforce repairs to be completed within 2 weeks, as part of a funded “pilot” program of proactive inspections and rental code enforcement for all large landlords in Philadelphia.

3. HOLD ABSENTEE LANDLORDS ACCOUNTABLE BY ENFORCING CONSEQUENCES including: increased fines for violations, directing tenant rent payments to an escrow account, revoking rental licenses, freezing rent and banning evictions during open violations, and transferring neglected properties to community control.

4. STEP IN TO MAKE URGENT REPAIRS if Odin Properties does not comply with repairs and resolve all violations; as part of a funded citywide emergency repair program.

5. DO NOT DISPLACE TENANTS. If a building is uninhabitable or tenants must be relocated to complete repairs, provide temporary quality alternative housing in the neighborhood with a guaranteed right to return and bill Odin for the costs.

6. MEET DIRECTLY WITH PHILLY RENTERS impacted by these issues to discuss how the City and L&I can protect renter safety and ensure habitability without displacement for renters.

SIGN OUR PETITION to stand with renters in demanding accountability NOW!